New Years Eve Ideas For The Whole Family

Ring in the new year with family fun!

By Katrina Mancini December 22, 2023

If you are looking for some great New Years' Eve food ideas,  and crafts and games for the whole family, you have come to the right place!

Food and Treats:

5 Ingredient Dish: 5-Minute Candy Cane Fudge | Macaroni Kid

5 Ingredient Confetti Shortbreads | Macaroni Kid

Make a Pizza  

Have a homemade pasta-making night

Bacon-Wrapped Garlic & Herb Pork Tenderloin | Macaroni Kid

NYE Crafts and Games

A Free End-of-Year Questionnaire for Your Family to Begin 2023

Noon Year's Eve Balloon Countdown a Kid-Friendly Way to Celebrate

Make your own poppers

Dancing Wands

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Teens and Tweens: A FREE Printable!

Recycled Musical Instruments | Macaroni Kid

Balloon Countdown- write down fun activities you can do for each hour on slips of paper. Roll slips of paper and stick them into the balloons; then blow up the balloons!and write the time on the outside of the ballon. Pop one at a time on the hour! Fill with confetti on the last one!

Glow Stick Dance party

Balloon Party Tree- Fill several balloons with prizes, money, stickers, and jokes on paper strips or fortunes. Decorate the tree with the balloons. at midnight (or 7:30pm for the kids) have a tree-popping party! collect all the prizes and funny notes and New year's resolutions! 

Photo Year scavenger hunt- You will to print out pictures of your favorite 2023 memories. Glue the pictures to construction paper and write the month the photo was taken. Hide the photos around the house. Start he hunt and enjoy the fun reflections of good times has in 2023!  

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