New England Base Camp

411 Unquity RoadMilton, MA 02186
Phone: 617-272-3501Email: nebc@scouting.orgWebsite: Visit Website

Campers will swim, learn shooting sports, build a campfire, learn wilderness skills and even do some outdoor cooking and bouldering or climbing. 

There is so much FUN to be had at New England Base Camp in Milton. Activities are individualized for each age group. Highlights include standard program of shooting sports, nature, STEM, and athletics. All children benefit from going to camp from interacting with friends, to trying new things and pushing past personal boundaries. Children’s memories of summer experiences last a lifetime.

Optional Extended Day Program- The Extended Day program provides programming and supervision to campers following the end of the camp day. With this option, parents can pick up campers anytime Monday-Thursday between 4-6 p.m. 

Optional Lunch Program - Campers who participate in this program will be provided a lunch from a rotating menu of hot and cold food items, side dishes, and drinks, including sandwiches, pizza, fruit, etc.

Camp for Grades 1-5: $295 per week

July 8th-12th:  Day Camp Week 1

July 15th-19th: Day Camp Week 2  

July 22nd-26th:  Day Camp Week 3

July 29th- Aug. 2nd:  Day Camp Week 4

Aug. 5th- 9th:  Day Camp Week 5  

Aug. 12th- 16th:  Day Camp Week 6

Aug. 19th-23rd:  Day Camp Week 7

Camp for Grades 6-12: $325 per week

July 8th–12th:  Adventure Camp

July 15th–19th:  Climbing 101 Camp

July 22nd–26th: Canoe Camp

July 29th–2nd: Advanced Climbing Camp

Aug 5th–9th: Kayak Camp

Aug 12th–16th: Adventure Camp

Aug 19th–23rd:  Space Camp at Base Camp