Free Hanukkah Celebrations and More!

By Susan Feinstein, Lappin Foundation November 10, 2021

Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem in 164 BCE. When the Temple was re-dedicated, candles were lit. There was a little bit of oil, enough for one day, but the miracle was the candles burned for eight days. Jewish holidays begin at sundown. So, Hanukkah will begin at sundown on Sunday, November 28. Families who celebrate Hanukah will light the first candle sometime after sundown.  The last day of Hanukkah is Monday, December 6, and the last night for lighting the menorah is the evening before, Sunday, December 5.

Families with young children are invited to celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, at any of the following free programs sponsored by Lappin Foundation.

Jewish and interfaith families with young children who live on the North Shore or in the Merrimack Valley are invited to register to receive PJ Library, the free Jewish book-of-the-month-club for children, ages newborn to 8 years old. Books are mailed directly to children every month. Children ages 9-12 can enroll in PJ Our Way and select their own books every month, which will be mailed to them.  PJ Library and PJ Our Way are beautiful collections of high-quality books that celebrate Jewish heritage, culture, folklore and tradition. 

Lappin Foundation also funds free PJ Library programs for families to enjoy, giving them the opportunity to meet and share Jewish experiences together. Programs are held in-person or on Zoom. Parents can register their children for PJ Library and PJ Our Way at For more information contact Susan Feinstein at

29 Congress St
Salem MA 01970