Making Time for Fitness as a Family

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By Kin Fitness August 24, 2021

As we have begun to return to our lives this fall, families are picking up where they left off, filling their schedules and juggling priorities. Finding time for self-care, including setting healthy fitness habits as a family, is tough.

We know exercise has tremendous benefits at all ages. It helps strengthen bones, builds muscles, and is great tool to keep a healthy weight. But it also builds confidence and improves mental health, by providing stress relief and helping you sleep better.

To get ALL of these benefits, you need a mix of aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and bone-strengthening activities. But they need to fit your family and be age-appropriate – not one size fits all, and we don’t expect little ones to be bench-pressing. For kids, exercise is playing and being physically active. When children play and use their imaginations to chase a “villain” or crawl through a tunnel playing hide and seek, they are working on their endurance, agility, and strength.

However, just like adults, kids can struggle with a sedentary lifestyle full of too much screen time. Parents often seek a variety of activities for their kids to counteract this, but it often leaves parents sitting in a waiting room or on the sidelines sacrificing their own self-care.

Kin Fitness is here to help make things a little easier with our Family Classes and our Kid Programs that let you work out while your kid does. We are a new kind of fitness studio – focused on family and fun!

All of our programs are created and led by a Certified Personal Trainer & Youth Fitness Specialist to ensure safe, engaging, and effective workouts for all. Our Kid Programs are 6-week enrollments of action-packed weekly classes such as Superhero Training, Storybook Adventures, and Gametime that are designed to spark their imagination and ensure they are having a blast. All while helping you make the most of your time by giving you access to work out on our brand-new cardio equipment and free weights.

Our Family Classes offer bonding time like none other. Our Family Bootcamp is filled with sports drills, bodyweight movements, games and interval training for all ages. Kids vs Adults gets you moving and having fun together in a series of competitive games and challenges to see who comes out on top. And babies and toddlers will love spending time with their grownup while you release some stress and get a full body workout with Baby & Me.

Kids look to us as role models, so don't make fitness a chore - have fun with it, and share some quality time getting healthy. We here at Kin Fitness are here to help you meet your family's fitness goals. Regardless if you are a regular runner or a couch potato - come as you are and have some fun!

Join us at our Grand Opening on September 4th! Take a studio tour, sign up for a FREE sample class and learn more at Follow us on Facebook ( for updates as we get moving!

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