Lava Lamp Experiment

At Home Curriculum

By Christina Bartlett August 27, 2020

This Lava Lamp Bubble Experiment is a big hit for at home science fun!

Children will practice their fine motor skills squeezing the food coloring bottles, they can explore finding just the right pressure to squeeze 6-7 drops into the lava cups. Children can identify colors, discuss color mixing & use measuring tools. 

💦Bubbling Lava Lamp Experiment🌋


-Tall clear glasses or mason jars 

-Vegetable Oil (We used the whole large container) 

-Food Coloring

 -Alka-Seltzer tablets-  one tablet per cup  *please note: This activity should be done with supervision as Alka Seltzer is a medicine and this activity should not be ingested.


How to make your Lava Lamps 

Fill each glass first with vegetable oil, then water. There is no specific amount. We did about a cup of oil, followed by a cup of water. However, next time I would do a little less oil and more water. 

Next pick your choice of food coloring and put about 6-7 drops spread around the top surface of the oil/water, and NOT just all in one spot. 

Once your ready to watch the laval bubbles do their magic, drop an Alka-Seltzer tab into the glass and watch with amazement.

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